Hooked on Aquaponics – the only catch is the fish!

Join Backyard Aquaponics’ Faye Arcaro

at the Greenmount Library

Thursday the 10th of May at 10am

Backyard Aquaponics is a business located in Jandakot, WA and pioneered by Joel Malcolm, author of the “Backyard Aquaponics Manual”.  Faye Arcaro, ABC’s 2007 Australian Gardener of the Year, is now a part of the business that boasts the world’s first retail Aquaponics display centre.

The Aquaponics concept is especially suited to low rainfall areas and combines hydroponic and aquaculture principles in a symbiotic relationship between plants and fish.  It is based on a recirculating system that requires minimal water and no chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

Aquaponics is all about “easy gardening” and working with nature in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Look for information about their entry in the Telstra Business Awards at http://www.backyardaquaponics.com.au

Bookings are essential: Please visit your library or telephone on 9294 1421

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