Walking by Night by Kate Ellis

ellisWalking by Night by Kate Ellis

Walking by Night by Kate Ellis is the fifth and latest of the Joe Plantagenet mysteries set in North Yorkshire. If you are looking for interesting English detective mystery stories, look no further. Kate Ellis is able to create a sense of menace which propels the reader to keep turning the pages, to hope against hope that the intended victim may escape. Walking by Night centers around people involved in a theatre group. A young girl believes she saw a body whilst walking drunkenly through a deserted undercroft which is the only remaining part of a medieval structure. She also believed she saw the ghost of a long-dead nun watching her. People are understandably sceptical. Then a woman’s body turns up. The ending surprises, as none of the conclusions the reader might come to quite add up.

There is some historical reference which adds to the atmosphere and setting of the novel, but not to the degree of Ellis’ Wesley Petersen series. Kate Ellis writes a very readable novel, which is a well-written page-turner that satisfies.

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