Death of a Nurse by M.C. Beaton

deatheThis is the 33rd (the 33rd!) in the series of books about Scottish policeman, Hamish Macbeth, by M.C. Beaton. This story centres around the death of a nurse who was employed to nurse a rich,  old man. All sorts of carry-on puts the spotlight on more than one suspect, and, as usual, Hamish manages to fall foul of the police hierarchy. The usual denizens of Lochdubh pop up in this book – Archie the fisherman, Angus the seer, the alarming Currie sisters, and the snobby Colonel.

The series sits very much in the milieu of the cozy mystery, but the genuinely funny and observant writing saves this series from being so cozy one risks falling asleep. It acknowledges the dark and unlovely things of life.

I did enjoy the television series, which took a lot of liberties with the books, but it is quite possible to enjoy the books and series, despite the differences. The Scottish cadences play about in your mind, along with visions of Lochdubh, crofts, sheep, fishing, and mountains.

M.C. Beaton has also written the Agatha Raisin mystery series, which has been televised and is currently airing on the screen.

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