Staff Picks for the week

Here are some of the new items that caught the eye of staff this week.

boywhoThe boy Who Unplugged the Sea by Paul Brown – a delightful ‘Whoops what have I done’ story about action and consequence, and let’s hope he finds the refill tap!

staff-pics-2 Cornwall Coast Path by Henry Stedman – for those who are looking for the trek of a lifetime this is an all you need to know guide to trek the South-west U.K. coast from Bude to Pymouth, some of the most breathtaking country and coastline in the world – as seen on popular TV series such as Doc Martin.


DVD – Convict Women and Children in Australiaconvict

This documentary looks straight into the shadows of the period of colonisation and its impact on human life.

From 1787 to 1853 over 25,000 women, nearly half of them Irish, were transported in the dark holds of ships on a 16,000 mile journey to the other side of the world as bonded labour. Arriving alone, or with small children in the colonies, these single, married and widowed women lived, loved, toiled and dies under Australian skies. In a two-year period during the Famine, over 4,000 young orphan girls, inmates of the overcrowded Irish workhouses, were carefully selected and transported on what became known as the Famine Bride Ships.

eithewaytGraphic novel: Either Way: Story of a Gay Kid by Sandra Levins

The dedication page of this book reads:

This is a story of hope: hope that straight kids and adults will understand, accept and love their LGBTQ friends, neighbors, sons and daughters; and hope that LGBTQ kids will accept and celebrate who they are. The body of this work consists of three blended narratives; a coming-of age coming out story, a lesson on civil rights and a historical fiction account of a gay man in the military.

chemistmeyerChemist by Stephanie Meyer

A thriller from the writer of the Twilight series of books. It has had good reviews, and is aimed at the adult market.


girlbelowstairsThe Girl Below Stairs by Jennie Felton (Book 3 of the Families of Fairlie Terrace series). Great read for lovers of the family saga genre.



Book with a great title! The Bad-ass Librarians of Timbuktu : and their race to save the world’s bad-ass-librariansmost precious manuscripts by Joshua Hammer. Plenty here to satisfy book-lovers, history buffs, and library lovers.



The Power of Off  by Nancy Colier – how to use technology with balance so that it adds rather than detracting from our wellbeing.





You Will Not Have My Hate by Antoine Leirisyou-will-not-have-my-hate – The author became well known across the world after he posted an open letter on Facebook to the terrorists who took his wife’s life; defiantly refusing to allow the act to define his or his son’s life. Powerful.





The Confident Parent by Jane Scott – an upbeat book that is less about the confidentparent“basics” and more of a guide on not only how to be a better parent but how to be happier doing it.






Planting Dreams: Shaping  Australian Gardens by Richard Aitkin.planting-dreams

A luscious book for garden lovers and anyone interested in how gardens have developed in Australia. Beautiful book with an abundance of facts and stories.


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