The Dry by Jane Harper

the-dryThe Dry by Jane Harper real page-turner with twists and turns leading to an unexpected conclusion. This is a remarkable and accomplished debut novel. The descriptions of the Australian country town and farming lands that forms the backdrop to this novel are wonderfully evocative as you can smell the dust, feel the heat, and watch the action play out, so beautifully is this written.

Federal Police investigator, Aaron Falk, goes back to the town of Kiewarra to attend the funeral of his childhood friend, and his friend’s wife and daughter. The deaths are the result of a murder suicide. Falk is only intending to stay for the funeral, but old memories and secrets begin to be revealed. An ever-increasing web of deceits, small-town prejudices, and long-suppressed events swirl about in a narrative that is wonderfully descriptive but direct, moving the reader forward in a momentum of suspense as tantalising clues unfold.

Definitely looking forward to more novels from this author!

This would be a great read for the holidays, or a Christmas present.


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