’50 Ways to Grieve Your Lover’ by Glennys Marsdon – author talk review

IMG_5180Glennys Marsdon has only ever paid attention to her nails once in her life.  For ninety days her nails were perfectly polished and manicured, the first ninety days after her husband’s death.  Glennys said in her talk last night that this small task was one she could manage perfectly in that traumatic time and so it meant a great deal to her.  She also spoke about a bereaved partner’s private right to communicate (or not) with their lost loved one in any way that belonged between them.  It was described as a deeply personal right that was nobody else’s business.  The beauty of Glenys’s talk is that it was pragmatically rich.  In the first ninety days expect to be dissolute, ninety to 365 days small steps take you somewhere – and she IMG_517950waysdescribed ways to take those steps.

Many in our audience clearly were experiencing or had experienced similar loss and so the appreciation for Glennys Marsdon’s talk ran very deep indeed.  The libraries have purchased copies of her book ’Fifty Ways to Grieve Your Lover’, a gift of her wisdom and experience.



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