‘Mathilda the Karak’ – her story

Mathilda is a Forest Red-Tailed Parrot currently on display at Boya Library. We have had IMG_5177lots of questions about her, so here is her story:


There are several threatened species of Black-Cockatoo that can be seen around the Perth Hills. One of the reasons they are threatened is the loss of large old trees, with hollows big enough for nesting and raising their chicks.

There are two white tailed species with different shaped beaks.

The Forest Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo is called ‘Karak’ in the Noongar language. The name relates to the feather colours and can also sound like a call they make.  Males and females have different coloured beaks and feather patterns.

This Black-Cockatoo was found injured on the side of a road. Local residents Fred and Irene Casotti were taking her to the vet when she died.  After arranging for her preservation, they have named her Mathilda and generously loaned her for library visitors to enjoy in early 2017.

All native animals are protected in Western Australia and authorisation is required from the Department of Parks and Wildlife to have native animals professionally preserved for display.

If you find injured native fauna phone:

Wildcare Helpline – 9474 9055

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