Euphoria by Lily King

Euphoria book coverA book to get your teeth into – Euphoria by Lily King is a novel Inspired by events in the life of renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead. It is set in the 1930s and tells the story of three young anthropologists in New Guinea. The Mundaring School for Seniors Book Club recently read this, and it certainly divided book club members, attracting scores out of ten from 3 through to 9, with an average of 6.5!

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Baby Rhyme Time and Story Time recommence next week

teddybeareBaby Rhyme Time and Story Time recommence next week at the libraries for second term. We look forwarding to sharing stories and songs and our love of reading and all things library!

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The Libraries are closed for Anzac Day

C-KiFsqXsAAp5oP[1]The Libraries are closed for Anzac Day on Wednesday 25th April. Items can still be returned through the after-hours chutes at both libraries.

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“The Fence” by Meredith Jaffe mini-review

“The Fence” by Meredith Jaffe is a satire which has as its theme, an escalating jaffeneighbourhood war in a genteel Australian suburb. It has recently been read by one of our book clubs and was praised for the clever way it presented different perspectives, however people found the characters off-putting and the ending rushed. For all that, the review said it is probably a better book club book engendering much discussion, than a personal read. You be the judge!

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Pugs at Story Time

Fonzi and Hector the Pugs paid a special visit to Boya Library on the last story time for Term 1 for a pug-themed Story Time! We read some brilliant picture books about Pig the Pug aloud (but it’s safe to say our special guests stole the show!). Thanks Manuela and Barb for bringing them along to meet us.

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Unreliable Memoirs by Clive James Book Club Book Review

UnreliableMemoirs.jpgThe Elevated Minds Book Club recently read Unreliable Memoirs by Clive James.  Some members loved the book, but one person didn’t even want to finish it! Here’s an (edited)review submitted by one of the book club members:

“What makes the story interesting?

Nostalgia for a recently past era with reference to almost forgotten social mores drew most of our readers into the story. We all felt sympathy for an only child whose father had died as a result of the war and who desperately wanted to keep up with his peers. As school teachers and mothers of sons, we appreciated the difficulties face dby Clive at school and in the neighbourhood. The setting didn’t to be Australia at the time as illustrated in a similar biography, The Thunderbol Kid by Bill Bryson, but the Australia at that time had a certain fresh immediacy recognised by most of us.

What do you like and/or dislike about the writing style/characters/pace?

Our book club is probably typical of any group of older ladies who may have begun life in diverse circumstances and gradually converged through life’s experiences. Our attitudes ot the book were engendered by Clive James’ writing skill …The fact we felt angry at Clive and empathy for his mother illustrated Clive’s convincingly erudite writing style in which he took incidents from his childhood and exaggerated for effect.

Other comments

Although the members of the groups swore that the book was not appealing…I couldn’t agree. I enjoyed the book from start to finish and laughted out loud the second and third times through. I have even chosen it just to have a good read when nothing else was available…Over the years I have recommended this book to many people including a marine engineer who loved it and lent it to all the crew who eventually almost came to blows and bribes to borrow it. I will still recommend it although perhaps choose my audience.

Rated 5 stars out of 5 by A.Y. (reviewer)”.

One thing is for sure, nothing beats Clive James’ beautiful writing style, eloquent, wry and enviable. The stories are laugh-out loud worthy; at times perhaps papering over some poignant and sad truths with comical retelling, which makes you remember them even more.

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If you use the Zinio for Libraries app…


If you use the Zinio for Libraries app to access eMagazines, this is a reminder that it is being replaced by RBdigital today. Most people have already made the switch but if you haven’t today is the day! . The RBdigital app delivers your favorite titles right to your smartphone or tablet including digital magazines, audiobooks, eBooks, and more. Download now to listen, read, learn, and enjoy!


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It’s always time for a book!

6e505c3d04a1c4fb3e6f22b25c605406What time is it? It’s always book o’clock! Stock up for the holidays with print, DVD, or CD goodies from the libraries, or download free eAudiobooks, eBooks, eMagazines or movies. Check the links in our catalogue at




(Image from:


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Some beautiful and interesting books about sustainability

30624080_1161704657302901_5268562422666362880_n.pngSome beautiful and interesting books about sustainability in celebration of Earth Day are on display and available for loan at Mundaring Library. Check them out! Or have a look at this selection on the online catalogue at

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Seed Life Cycle Stories at Story Time

Sunflower ST.PNGChildren were enchanted with stories about the life cycle of seeds and how things grow at Mundaring Story Time today. “I Can Grow a Sunflower”, “Bird to Bird”, and “Seed School” were the lovely stories we read. The image on the right is what the children will end up with in just a few days when the seeds germinate.

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